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5 reasons you’re better off without e-cigarettes

In recent years, e-cigarettes have gained popularity. It may be as a substitute for smoking or a harmless way to fiddle with the idea of smoking. E-cigarettes are commonly known as vape pens, mods, or tank systems. Manufactures promote e-cigs as a convenient alternative to regular cigarettes. However, this is far from true. Read on for 5 reasons you’re better off without e-cigarettes.

1) Nicotine just as addictive
E-cigs contain liquid flavors imbued with nicotine; which is the addictive substance derived from tobacco plants. Studies have shown that many users dual-use cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Since nicotine changes the way synapses are formed in the brain teenage use of e-cigs may lead to abuse of hard drugs in the future.

2) Chemical compounds diacetyl, benzene, tin, nickel, etc.
E-cigs contain an atomizer, which heats up the flavoring which contains nicotine which is then inhaled by the user. This vapor contains ultrafine particles like diacetyl which are known to cause severe lung disease. Benzene, which is found in car exhaust and heavy metals like nickel, tin, and lead are also found in this vapor.

3) The risk to brain development.
The human brain takes 25 years to develop to its fullest. Youth and young adults whose brain is still in the process of developing its decision making and impulse control ability are prone to take greater risks with e-cigs. This can lead to nicotine addiction, mood disorders, issues with attention or a permanent lowering of impulse control.

4) Risk of addiction:
Every time we learn something, the brain builds synapses that connect to each other. Since smoking is also a form of learning. Teens who smoke e-cigarettes are at a greater risk of addiction. The use of vaping devices may also lay the groundwork for future addictions to drugs like cocaine.

5) E-cigarettes explode and poison.
There have been numerous cases of vape devices exploding and injuring users. These range from interaction with keys or coins in the pockets or due to defective batteries. There are also reports stating children and adults have been poisoned due to swallowing, breathing or absorbing e-liquid through their skin.

Thus, contrary to popular belief e-cigs are harmful rather than being an alternative to cigarette smoking. Rather in many cases forming dual use or providing a gateway to addiction.