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We started the Green Umbrella Campaign a few years back with the firm belief that every person who walks must plant at least 10 trees to neutralize their carbon footprint.

Forests cover approximately 30% of the land area on our planet, but they are vanishing at an alarming pace. Since 1990, over 502,000 square miles of forest biome an area larger than the country of South Africa—have gone through this process. The roots of plants anchor soil to the ground. When deforestation occurs, topsoil erosion increases as there are no roots to hold the soil in place, and no vegetation to break the force of falling rain.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, half of the world’s topsoil has eroded within the past 150 years. When there is less soil stability because of erosion, the risk of flood occurring during the rainy season increases dramatically. Poor water absorption levels make it easier for higher accumulation levels since the trees are no longer present to soak the additional moisture. This runoff funnels into the streams and rivers in the region, creating flood situations in downstream towns.

We also firmly believe that water shortage is directly linked with forest cover in the basins of rivers and the only long-term solution to solving the water crisis in the country is to increase the forest cover in the country.

We differ from the government on the policy that if the river water can be stored and not allowed to flow into the ocean, it will solve the water crisis. It is a fact that if freshwater is not allowed in oceans, the salinity of ocean water starts moving inland and can destroy the nature of soil, in turn destroying cultivable land in the coastal areas as is already evident in many areas of Gujarat.

Shram intends to create awareness about increasing green cover in-country, thereby achieving GOI’s objective of 33% forest cover in the long run.

Steps taken by Shram in this direction:
1- We on a regular basis organize small plantation drives during monsoons.