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We Support

We Support is a campaign that Shram has started with an endeavor to provide small financial support to people affected by unfortunate accidents or calamities. We believe that every disease or disability has a psychological and financial component to it and till all aspects are all not looked after, health care in isolation does not produce optimal results.

We try and single out families that are devastated due an accident or natural calamity, or untimely disease of an important member and try to support them in small little ways like sponsoring education of one of child in the family, paying for monthly expense of medicine of a family, helping with very small family pension for an old disabled couple, etc. We try only to help the people contributing small amounts so that they don’t feel completely dependent on us but get that encouragement which actually helps them to move into the future feeling hopeful.

Help us to make India a brighter cleaner and a better place for future generations.