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Our Team

We are a group of people from all walks of life, ranging from medicine, business management, teaching and media personnel. We are all working towards the common goal of Shram, doing our small deeds to achieve a somewhat better, cleaner and healthier tomorrow for generations to come.

Team Shram

Dr. Anjali Rani
Dr Rigvardhan
Dr Sriram Raghu
Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah
Prableen Bajpai


We created Shram, a self-help group by a small group of doctors and professionals from various walks of life. We started humbly by looking after health problems of economically weaker section and less privileged patients.

As we moved along people joined us from all streams of life; making the idea of Shram a continuous learning experience helping society in moving towards a better and brighter future.